About us

VICTORY INC., we produce wide range of fashion. Smart office style, casual wear, room wear etc. we provide high quality and high sense products with speed and timely.


VICTORY INC., we provide the products match with every customer's request, and cover the range from edgy/trend to very basic. Pattern making, manufactureing, we cover all around fashion product. We do presentation at beginning of every season with fresh trend and information. Popular fabric materials, we have stock so that we can do the quick delivery. We have factories in China and also Cambodia. We can cover wide range of products and prices.


Development of branding, direction and produce plan, we can help customers with our experience in the fashion industry. We always try our best for improving the value of the store, product and brand.

trade name Victory Inc.
date of establishment 10/26/2010
capital $100,000
executive Emily Zhu
Main business
  • Planning/manufacturing of apparel production
  • Planning/manufacturing of novelty goods
  • Production control
  • Fashion brand planning
  • Consulting business
  • Original brand manufacturing / sales (in China)
  • 9F, VORT Kojimachi Ⅱ,
  • 1-4-14 Hirakawacho, Chiyoda-ku,
  • Tokyo, Japan
  • 〒102-0093